Zeonbud To Launch National Digital Television Broadcasting Network In September 2011

optical-cableThe Zeonbud company (Kyiv) intends to launch a national digital television broadcasting network in September 2011.

The company’s general director for legal affairs Andrii Shumylov announced this at a meeting of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council.

Shumylov presented a project for launching the network, which will cover 95% of the populated territory of Ukraine.

The relevant equipment is expected to be located on masts belonging to the Radio Broadcasting, Radio Communication, and Television Concern; signals will be broadcast via satellite (the company has not yet decided the satellite that will be used to send signals).

According to Zeonbud’s plan, every multiplex will have eight channels (the МХ1, МХ2, and МХ3 multiplexes will have nationwide channels).

The МХ5 multiplex is expected to have four nationwide channels, one channel for the regional television company, and three channels for regional (local) broadcasting.

The National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council’s Chairman Volodymyr Manzhosov said that the decision on what the multiplexes will broadcast would be made by the council and not the provider.

On the issue of accessibility of the digital television network to end users, Shumylov said that information available to the company indicated that 0.5 million out of the 10 million households that receive analogue television broadcasts had digital television sets and that the company was forecasting that 1.5 million households would acquire digital television sets in 2011 and an additional 1.5 million in 2012.

In addition, according to him, 6.5 million people will require digital television receivers (set-top boxes).

According to Zeonbud’s plan, the state will subsidize purchase of digital television receivers for 2 million subscribers and 1 million of the company’s subscribers will buy them on preferential terms.

According to Shumylov, the cost of implementing this project is expected to be recouped in eight years.

Shumylov also told journalists that a consortium of private investors acquired Zeonbud in late October.

He declined to provide information about the current and previous owners of the company.

The company presently employs 15 people and plans to increase the number of its employees to 50 before the end of 2010.

Planbridge Limited (Cyprus) owns 100% of the shares in Zeonbud, a limited liability company.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council licensed the Zeonbud company to build a national television broadcasting network on December 8.

The National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council has decided to create a national digital television broadcasting network by the year 2012, and it wants a single provider to launch the entire network.

The network is expected to be created on the basis of four multiplexes: МХ1, МХ2, МХ3, and МХ5.

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