Zenith-SB Ukrainian Rocket Launched Russian Weather Satellite Electro-L

Launched by Zenith-SB Ukrainian rocket from Baikonur yesterday, Russian weather satellite Electro-L has successfully separated from Fregat-SB upper stage and reached the targeted orbit  at 00.28 MSK, Jan. 21.

With this launch, Russia will have its own weather satellite in GSO. Within 10 years of orbital operations, Electro-L will provide Russian and world customers with weather prediction, sea and ocean status, ionosphere status, climate monitoring, ecological data.

Zenith-SB starts with Electro-L

Electro-L overall mission objectives are to provide on an operational basis multispectral imagery (hydro-meteorological data) of the atmosphere (including the cloud-covered sky) and of the Earth’s surface within the coverage region (visible disk) of the spacecraft, to collect heliospheric, ionospheric, and magnetospheric data, to provide the needed communication services for the transmission/exchange of all data with the ground segment.

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