Volia to Launch Digital Television in Donetsk in 2011

digital_tvThe Volia company, a telecommunications service provider, intends to launch a digital television service in Donetsk in 2011. Alina Syhda, the head of Volia’s public relations department, announced this to Ukrainian News.

According to Syhda, the principle for selecting the television channels that will be included in Volia’s digital television packages in Donetsk and the principle for determining their prices will be similar to the principles employed in Kyiv.
Art present, Volia offers nine digital television packages to its clients in Kyiv at subscription fees ranging from UAH 10 to UAH 77 per month.

Syhda added that Volia is presently modernizing its existing telecommunications network in Donetsk.

Volia presently offers its Donetsk subscribers two analogue television packages — the Social package consisting of 17 channels and the Full package consisting of 68 channels — at prices ranging from 18 to 42 per month.

The Volia company provides analog cable television broadcasting services under the Volia Cable brand name, digital television broadcasting services under the Volia Premium TV brand name, and Internet access via cable networks under the Volia Broadband trademark.

The Volia group of companies is owned by the Ukrainian Growth Fund (UGF), which is managed by the SigmaBleyzer international company.

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