Vega Introduces Service Of Phone Calls Through Internet For Corporate Clients

The Vega telecommunications group has introduced a service “Vega Network” for phone calls through the Internet from April 4.

The service will allow corporate subscribers to make phone calls from a city number of Vega to all directions and will provide free calls between employees of different offices within one city with the use of inside numbers (201,202, 203, and others).

The operator offers two tariff plans within this service: Vega Network 3 and Vega Network 4 which include 3 and 4 IP-lines respectively with inside numbers and a city number of Vega. The number of IP-lines can be expanded to eight.

The use fee within the tariff plans is UAH 50 and UAH 60 a month respectively.

The service is available for corporate clients in Kyiv, Boryspil, Vyshneve (both in Kyiv region), Donetsk, Mariupol, Makiivka (both in Donetsk region), Kharkiv, Luhansk, Dnipropetrovsk, Novomoskovsk, Kryvyi Rih (both in Dnipropetrovsk region), Zaporizhia, Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Yalta, Yevpatoria (the cities are in Crimea), Lviv, Ternopil, and Ivano-Frankivsk.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the Vega telecommunications group was created as a result of the re-branding of the Farlep Optima group of companies (which consisted of the Farlep, Optima Telecom, Ukomlain, TsSS, IP Telecom, Matrix, Vilcom, and several other companies).

The Vega Group is part of the Donetsk-based System Capital Management company.

The Farlep-Invest open joint-stock company manages the Vega Group.

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