Uzhhorod City Council Asking Rada Prohibit Mobile Operators from Selling SIM Cards to Buyers without Presenting Their Passports

abonentsUzhhorod municipal council is asking the Verkhovna Rada to prohibit mobile operators from selling SIM cards to persons without presenting their passports and identification codes, Uzhhorod mayor Serhii Ratushniak has told Ukrainian News.

Apart from this, the city council recommends that city outlets selling SIM cards demand buyers to present their passports and identification codes.

“This is not my personal initiative. This is a recommendation to the city salons. But we sent an address to the president, Viktor Fedorovych [Yanukovych], and to the Verkhovna Rada for they to legislate this. Because anonymous telephones are often used for criminal purposes. This is our security!” he stated.

The address follows an explosion that occurred on the yard of a well-known Uzhhorod businessman in the night of September 16.

Law enforcers have found out that the explosive was triggered by a remote control device made on basis of a mobile phone.

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