Utel launches sending SMSes to users of phones with unregistered IMEI codes

The largest Ukrainian telecommunication company Ukrtelecom, which also renders the services of UMTS mobile communication under the Utel brand, has launched the sending of SMSes to users of phones with unregistered IMEI codes.

According to the report, in late 2009, Utel sent SMSes to subscribers, whose IMEI codes are not registered in the common base of the Ukrainian State Center of Radio Frequencies, un.ua says.

The press service of the Ukrtelecom also said that after the specification of the list of these subscribers, the company plans to double the SMSes.

The press service of the Astelit mobile communication operator, which renders the services under the life:) brand said that the operator has not yet started the sending of SMSes.

According to the press service of the Kyivstar mobile communication operator, the company does not send the SMSes to specify the lists of IMEI codes.

A representative of the press service of the Ukrainian Radio Systems (Beeline) said that the company is being preparing for the SMS sending.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the National Communications Regulatory Commission binds mobile communications operators from January 2, 2010 to start sending notification SMSes to subscribers whose phones are on the ‘grey’ lists of IMEI-codes database

Ukrchastotnahliad launched an information mobile phone IMEI-code registration system in April.

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