Ukrtelecom Lowers Monthly Subscription Fee For “OHO! 2″ Unlimited Internet by 40% for Kyiv Subscribers

ogo-logoUkrtelecom, the largest telecommunications company in Ukraine, lowered the monthly subscription fee for its “OHO! 2″ unlimited internet service by UAH 40 or 40% to UAH 60 for Kyiv-based subscribers to the “OHO!” internet service.

Ukrtelecom announced this in a statement.

Ukrtelecom also made several changes to its other “OHO!” internet tariff plans.

In particular, the company ended new subscriptions to the “OHO! 512″ internet plan that it introduced on March 1 (this tariff plan offers internet access at speeds of up to 512 Kbits/second at the monthly subscription fee of UAH 60).

Now, it offers subscribers unlimited internet access at speeds of up to 1 Mbits/second for this same subscription fee.

The company resumed subscription to the “OHO! 4″ unlimited internet service after ending subscriptions to it on March 1, 2010 (this tariff plan offers internet access at speeds of up to 4 Mbits/second at the monthly subscription fee of UAH 100).

Ukrtelecom also increased the data transfer fee under these tariff plans 1.5-6-fold to 3 Mbits/second.

As of June 1, the company offered four unlimited tariff plans to Kyiv-based subscribers to the “OHO!” internet service at data transfer speeds of 2-24 Mbits/second and subscription fees of UAH 60-200 per month.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the number of subscribers to Ukrtelecom’s “OHO!” broadband internet service increased by 12% to 883,000 in the fourth quarter of 2009.

Ukrtelecom began providing internet access services based on the ADSL technology under the “OHO!” trademark in November 2005.

Ukrtelecom reported a loss of UAH 36.1 million for the first quarter of 2010, when its net revenues reduced by UAH 3.432 million or 0.2% to UAH 1,675.437 million compared with the corresponding period of 2009.

Ukrtelecom has a 78.5% share of the fixed-line telephone market in Ukraine and provides services to 9.9 million subscribers.

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