Ukrtelecom Aiming To Increase Number Of Subscribers To Its Mobile Communications Services By 69.5% To 1.1 Million In 2011

The Ukrtelecom telecommunications company is aiming to increase the number of subscribers to its mobile communications services by 438,900 or 69.5% to 1,070,000 in 2011.

This is stated in the company’s bond issue prospectus.

The company also aims to the number of subscribers to its OHO broadband internet service by 249,000 or 22% to 1,383,000 .

In addition, the company intends to increase the area of coverage of its mobile communications services and the capacity of its OHO broadband internet service.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the number of subscribers to Ukrtelecom’s mobile communications services increased by 33,100 or 5.5% to 631,110 in December.

The number of subscribers to its OHO broadband internet service increased by 54,600 or 5.5% to 1.048 million in the period of July-September 2010, compared with the period of April-June.

Ukrtelecom reported a loss of UAH 456.426 million for the year 2009, when its net revenues increased by UAH 225.202 million or 3.39% to UAH 6,870.931 million compared with 2008.

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