Ukrchastotnadzor Cautions against Buying iPhone 4 Not Certified in Ukraine

iphone41-271x186The state-owned enterprise Ukrainian State Center for Radio Frequencies (Ukrchastotnadzor) cautions against buying iPhone 4 mobile devices in the Ukrainian retail chain, reads a statement made by the Ukrchastotnadzor press service.

The statement says today iPhone 4 is not certified in Ukriane and cannot be taken onto the territory of Ukraine for distribution through the retail chain.

When connected to a mobile communication operator’s networks such device is put on the ‘grey’ list and with time the operator will cease servicing it.

In particular, Ukrainian e-shops are already offering for sale such not certified iPhone 4.

“There will be no problems with only those iPhones that were taken by citizens from abroad or received through the international postal network (not more than two phones) and also will be used for personal needs,” the statement stressed.

Moreover, such phones must be registered in the general database of IMEI codes of mobile terminals, kept by Ukrchastotnadzor.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the National Communications Regulatory Commission on February 5, 2009 released order No. 1339, that took force on March 28, 2009, to ban selling mobile phones with not-registered IMEI codes from July 2009.

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  1. I have the last iphone and it’s great but it is still too fragile, and it is not working always properly. I must agree they have great advertisement for iphone but still I think it’s too expensive for what it can do.

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