Ukrainian WiMAX network will be free till January, 1, 2010

freshtelUkrainian High Technologies, the country’s first WiMAX-operator (TM FreshTel) prolonged the test operation in Kiev till January 1, 2010.
Previously, the operator planned to start commercial operation since November 1, 2009. Now it changed its mind and decided not to rush to strip money from users without giving them 4G full city coverage and freedom to use the service.

According the company’s information, there are 800 subscribers who enjoy 4G services. The average consumption per user is about 30 GB per month. The most active user downloaded a month – 1.2 terabytes of information. In the mobile mode Internet FreshTel use more than 60 percent of users.

By October 16, 2009 in Kiev there were  51 base stations and about 170 are planned to be put in operation by the end of the current yaer.

Ukrainian network FreshTel is part of a WiMAX-holding company, which deploys networks based on the IEEE 802.16e standard in the territory of Russia, Western Europe and Southeast Asia. In October 2009 FreshTel will start its operation in Russia.

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