Ukrainian IT market hit by crisis

The consulting company IDC has said that the Ukrainian IT market failed to achieve the planned 30% growth due to the financial crisis. Instead it grew 7% in 2008 up to 3.8 billion dollars.
 Experts forecast that a 10% decrease of the GDP and lack of financial resources may result in a 50% decrease of IT expenses.
 According to IDC, at the end of 2008 vendors failed to sell out close to 255,000 imported laptops, more than 160,000 items of printing equipment, almost 2,000 servers and other products, totaling 250 million dollars.
 The PC market (including laptops, desktops and servers x86) grew 5%, whereas in 2007 the growth was 44%. This year analysts expect supplies to go down 44% (optimistic forecast) or even 60% (pessimistic forecast).
 The mobile PC market grew 46%, to almost 1 million laptops, but will shrink by half this year due to a considerable balance stock.
 The market of office equipment (printers, copiers) in 2008 included 948,000, which is 9% less than in 2007. IDC expects this market segment to fall by 53% in 2009.
 Whereas the demand for hardware is plunging, software and IT services could save the Ukrainian IT market. However, they are still underestimated by vendors and customers. Nevertheless the fall in these segments will be slower (in the range of 25%-30%).
 According to experts, the recession will last longer than one year and it will be possible to reach the 2008 figures not earlier than 2012.

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