Tihipko Finds Possible Step Up Software Exports to USD 5-10 Billion

Vice Prime Minister for Economy Serhii Tihipko finds it possible to step up software exports to between USD 5 billion and 10 billion from USD 1 billion, he has announced in course of an international conference devoted to prospects of after-crisis economic development and investment attractiveness of Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus, organized by BG Capital private equity firm.

“We [the government] understand that from one billion dollars we can reach five billion or ten billion dollars before long,” Tihipko said.

Alongside with this he notes, Ukraine today is the fifth country in exportation of software, and the government is very attentively working through taxation for this industry.

“It [software] will be absolutely competitive with the Russian, Chinese, Indian, Georgian one. We have studied all this experience,” the Vice Prime Minister added.

Moreover, in Tihipko’s words, Ukraine has good technical training of specialists, educational institution with which the government has already begun working actively.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the Verkhovna Rada in June introduce criminal responsibility for smuggling technical means of surreptitious obtaining of information.

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