Tansu Yegen Completed His Mission in life:)

tansuThe mobile services operator life:) announces today that its General Director Tansu Yegen has taken a decision to leave the life:)’s team. As a strong anti-crisis manager specializing in leading the companies throughout the turbulent times, Tansu Yegen completed his mission in Ukraine as he took life:) to the completely new level of its development.

Tansu Yegen has successfully worked in Ukraine for 3.5 years and after his long-term experience in life:) he will be moving to another responsibilities within Turkcell Group. During the time of his leadership life:) had firmly established itself as the third national GSM operator. During the first nine months of Tansu’s work in Ukraine he managed to move the company from negative EBITDA of 26.5 million USD in Q4 2006 to positive one of 2.9 million USD in Q3 2007. During his management life:) has never again recorded negative EBITDA. Under Tansu’s management life:) grew its market share from 11% to almost 23%, whilst company’s revenue grew from 88 million USD in YE 2006 to 351 million USD in YE 2009 and the revenue share increased 4 times from 3% to 12%.

In 2008 Tansu was recognized the best top manager of Europe by Stevie Awards, founded in the USA and considered to be the Oscar of business society and received a number of national awards in Ukraine, which includes his nomination as the best top manager of telecom industry.

As Illya Arkhipov, the Business Development Director at SCM commented: “We were happy to work with such a high level professional like Tansu Yegen who has leveraged our telecom business to a completely new level. We are happy with the results achieved by Tansu in Ukraine and are letting him pass on to his new challenges with regret. Within the period of his work Tansu recordered remarkable achievements and led our company to a completely new stage of development. His job as a Chief Executive Officer at life:) will become a bright and memorable page in the history of the Ukrainian telecom industry”.

As Tansu Yegen, the General Director of life:) commented: “It was a great pleasure and honor to me to lead one of the most ambitious teams on the Ukrainian telecom market. Despite of my dedication to the company and Ukraine, it is time to move to another business. This year life:) celebrated its fifth year of operations having become not just the third influential national GSM operator but the market leader in many areas, including tariff policy. We have got maximum out of our revolutionary free on net tariff having gained significant market share of almost 23% and influencing the competitive environment by making our competitors copy our approaches. Now we are changing our business strategy in order to further strengthen our positions in those services, segments, approaches, places and territories where we are the leaders. In order to underline the new step in the operator’s strategy we are refreshing our brand – to make it stand out from the market with its new innovative, fresh, sparkling image. I did my best to leverage the company to the new level and I am leaving the strong and efficient team that I believe will define the future of the Ukrainian telecom market”.

Tansu’s experience will be needed within the Turkcell Group for the development of the new international business which is now at the stage of active planning.

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