Vodafone of the East

Mikhail Fridman has always set his sights high. The Russian oligarch started his working life cleaning windows in the early 1990s, but a decade on and he is one of the most successful businessmen in Russia. The Alfa Group that he built up has interests in oil, finance, real estate and even tea, but in April he cleared away the last obstacle to fulfilling his dream: to build a “Vodafone of the east.”

Tansu Yegen Completed His Mission in life:)

The mobile services operator life:) announces today that its General Director Tansu Yegen has taken a decision to leave the life:)’s team. As a strong anti-crisis manager specializing in leading the companies throughout the turbulent times, Tansu Yegen completed his…

life:) may lose GSM license

Mobile operator Astelit (TM life:) may lose its license to provide mobile services. The National Communications Regulation Commission (NCRC) has prepared a draft decision, which stated that the company has installed more than 70 base stations without permission.

Turkcell Guarantees Loan for Ukraine GSM Expansion

Turkish telco, Turkcell says that it is to guarantee a US$75 million loan being signed by its Dutch subsidiary, Financell to fund network expansion by Astelit – a mobile network in Ukraine. The financing will be used for the products and services that will be purchased from Ericsson AB and Ericsson Ukraine for Astelit LLC’s 2G infrastructure investments.