Skype Recording Tool to Save Voice and Chat History Online

Simkl has announced the release of their new IM Chat & Voice Recorder (IM CVR - )  tool that allows the user to archive Skype voice and chat history online. As an add-on for Skype, it allows the user to record Skype calls and text conversations from Skype to secure Simkl servers automatically.
The IM CVR software can record all voice communication including Skype-to-Skype, SkypeOut, SkypeIn, group calls, and video calls. It can also record all text communication including group chats. The recordings are stored on the Simkl servers for permanent backup under the user’s account. Users then are able to view their chat history and listen to recorded calls on the website using their personal login.

IM CVR users will enjoy the following benefits when they install this easy to use recording product:

• Ease of Use – Simply create a Simkl account and install the IM CVR product. One click on the IM CVR icon provides the user with instant access to all of their online conversation history. And the address couldn’t be easier to remember. The icon can be rendered invisible to avoid desktop clutter. IM CVR also supports full text searches of the chat history.

• Global Access – The user can view their history from any computer regardless of location. Conversations conducted on multiple computers can be recorded to one account through a combined chat log with all duplicate entries removed.

• Create Podcasts – Simkl IM CVR can record Skype calls locally, directly to an MP3 format in addition to creating an online history.

• Backup of IM Contacts and Conversations – A backup can be a valuable resource in the event of PC crashes or forgotten passwords. The IM CVR backup allows users to use the Simkl WAP interface to retrieve contacts using a web browser or a mobile device.

• Secure Auto Log In – Simkl IM CVR stores usernames and passwords for auto log in on the user’s device using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Business users will find that the IM CVR tool provides a substantial amount of value to their operation. Conference call recording can provide a valuable documentation tool in the event that any one’s memory of detailed negotiations proves troublesome at any point in the future. Conference calls can be automatically saved and stored on the Simkl secure servers. For ease of use, call recording automatically starts and stops without user intervention.

Simkl was founded in 2007 by a team of web developers in New York. Within a year, the Simkl developed its brand locally in various foreign countries and was represented internationally in 11 different languages. Prior to this release, their signature products were the Simkl IM History Saver service ICQ\AIM\MSN and the Simkl Enterprise Instant Message History Saver (E-IMHS). Simkl offers a wide variety of services and products for virtually every web platform, operating system, and embedded Internet product including PC, Linux, Mac, PDAs, mobile phones, and other devices.

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