SITRONICS Information Technologies Upgrades IT Infrastructure At Chornobyl NPP

SITRONICS-itSITRONICS Information Technologies completed work for modernization of IT infrastructure under the project for withdrawal from service of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plan implemented by German company Energiewerke Nord GmbH (EWN) jointly with Ernst&Young.

Under the project at the State Specialized Enterprise Chernobyl NPP (SSE ChNPP) joint working group designed and implemented fault tolerant platform for information system necessary for withdrawal of plant from service. The system will register data of engineering and radiation state of buildings, constructions and equipment, control work for radioactive waste handling, provide management of resources and materials at Chernobyl NPP.

“Since withdrawal of plant from services shall take more than 50 years it is necessary to collect and store large amount of information at all stages of this scale project. World experience indicates that electronic data base is optimal tool for solving of such tasks, – mentioned project manager on the part of ChNPP, Deputy General Director SSE “Chernobyl NPP” Valerii Seida. – Completeness of data about all stages of life cycle of ChNPP power supply units shall allow to take into account all technological, economic and social aspects of withdrawal of plant from service”.

“Our company already possesses experience of implementation of such projects in Germany, Lithuania and Bulgaria. For work at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant we engaged SITRONICS IT, one of the most qualified players at system integration market in Russia and Ukraine”, – says Karsten Frank, project manager on the part of Energiewerke Nord GmbH.

“Fault resistant platform that complies with requirements of European Commission and Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant specialists for reliability and resilience forms basis of modernized IT infrastructure. Implemented solution shall allow enhancing reliability of information support of work for withdrawal of ChNPP from service. Important advantage of the system is high computation power that enables processing of large amounts of information, provides uninterrupted access to data, its  background backup and online restore”, – mentioned Vladimir Yasinkiy, President of SITRONICS Information Technologies.

Implemented solution is constructed on the basis of blade-architecture. Basis of computation subsystem is HP ProLiant BL460G6 servers combined into data transfer network and storage area network with corresponding duplicated switching modules HP Blade System c3000. Created software and hardware complex possesses high resilience to aliquant hardware failures and good scalability. Upon putting into pilot production SITRONICS Information Technologies was awarded with contract for service maintenance of IT infrastructure for the period of 5 years.

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