Samsung is shutting down AMOLED development

Samsung is shutting down their SDI«Samsung is shutting down their SDI, only a few labs keep on working, although there is no encouraging outlook for them», said the employee from Samsung who wanted to remain an anonymous.

As he mentioned the company SDI is having significant financial troubles now. The AMOLED, a new trend, has not brought profit so far and PDP has low cost-effectiveness. Only development of battery cells is profitable. Next month the company is planning to reconfigure thereby battery cells development will become a separate firm in partnership with Bosch (50/50).

«As for PDP it was decided to continue only production and discontinue all new developments», said the employee. Our team is developing a new technology for AMOLED, and we are afraid that there won’t be enough money or that our project will be shut down at all. The time frame for our project is constantly being reduced”.

Displays based on organic light emitting diodes (AMOLED – Active-matrix Organic Light-Emitting-Diode) excel liquid crystal ones in many points but because of high expenses of their production they are still weak competitors for liquid crystal monitors. For today the Samsung SDI share from all sold  AMOLED-devices is 90%.

Most likely this technology will dominate in the nearest future. Analysts expect this year sales of LED panels will increase by 69% i.e. by 826 million USD. These sales are expected to keep increasing – by 83% in 2009 and by 53% in 2010.

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