Russia Launches Mass-Producing GLONASS/GPS Navigators

Russian Institute of Space Instruments launches a new automated assembly line for production of portable GLONASS/GPS navigators, which will produce 350 to 400 thousand devices a year.

The head of the Institute Yuri Korolev told about that. He noted that the Institute will also continue to produce navigators Glospace, working directly with three satellite navigation systems: the Russian GLONASS, the American GPS and the evolving European GALILEO.

First mass-produced Russian GLONASS/GPS navigator
First mass-produced Russian GLONASS/GPS navigator

This device has Russian antenna and receiver. Also Russian experts develop and design the navigator. But its display is produced by Samsung.

The navigator also provides several entertainment options: watching movies and listening digital music, viewing photos. It has watch and games. The navigator can be connected to external devices and memory cards.

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