Rada To Pass Air Code

air-ukraineThe Verkhovna Rada is likely to pass the new Air Code. First reading of draft law No.7144 received votes of 251 Members of Parliament, while 226 votes enough for approval.

The draft new Air Code enshrines the division for state and commercial aviation, which was not the case in the current code.

The authorised body in the state aviation is the Defence Ministry and the Cabinet of Ministers is to create a body responsible for commercial aviation.

Besides, they plan to rule that the National Commission for Investigation into Aviation Accidents, set up by the government studies reasons of crashes.

The draft Code also envisions that if an aircraft’s airworthiness certificate is not prolonged during 24 months it is excluded from the register of commercial aircraft of Ukraine.

Moreover, the draft code envisions age limitations for pilots of commercial aviation. To occupy the position of an aircraft captain, one has to be aged under 60 and under 65 if there are two pilots, who is younger than 60.

The draft Code also defines limitations for construction on territory closed to the airport, bans location of open food wastes at distances closer than 15 kilometres from an airport, and construction of facilities attracting birds.

Besides, the draft Code foresees a possibility of appointment of airport coordinator of the demand of air companies for services of an airport exceeds its capacity; the coordinator is charged with the airport slot regulation.

The airport operator will be permitted to simultaneously operate the airfield and pass rights for land services to legal entities and individuals.

The draft Code imposes ban for alienation, sale, exchange, transfer under collateral or lease of lands of airports (airfields), which are owned by communal or state institutions without relevant permit from the Cabinet of Ministers.

Besides, the parliament intends to introduce a one-year ban on allocation of land plots on which it is planned to construct or expand the airport.

The draft Code sets fines for different violations: 500 to 8,000 personal exemptions (between UAH 8,500 and UAH 136,000) for legal entities; 100 to 1,000 of personal exemptions (between UAH 1,700 and UAH 17,000) for individuals.

The Code will take effect on day of its official publication.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the Cabinet of Ministers on September 2 approved of the draft Air Code.

The previous variant of the Tax Code was brought into force by the Rada’s bylaw No.3168 on May 4, 1993.

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