Rada Introduces State Regulation Of Tariffs For Access To Electric Communication Cable Ductwork

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has introduced the state regulation of the tariffs for access to electric communication cable ductwork.

With 226 votes required, 237 lawmakers supported draft law No.5333 on the whole to introduce certain amendments to the law on telecommunications (concerning provision of access to the electric communication cable ductwork).

The Verkhovna Rada included the tariffs for using electric communication cable ductwork on the list of tariffs subject to state regulation.

The effective wording of the law on telecommunications reads that the following tariffs are subject to state regulation through introduction of fixed tariffs or ceilings of tariffs: tariffs for services of social importance guaranteed by the State, tariffs for provision of usage of channels of electric communications of telecommunication operators that hold monopoly on the market.

Authors of the draft law Verkhovna Rada deputies Vitalii Korzh (from the faction of then Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko) and Yurii Moroko (from the faction of the Party of Regions) noted in the explanatory memorandum the owners of electric communication cable ductwork (Ukrtelecom mostly) independently set tariffs for the access.

In the opinion of the authors of the draft law, this situation provides with unfair economic and competitive advantages on the telecommunication market. This situation also stalls the development of networks of some operators and has negative effects on the development of the telecommunication sector on the whole.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the Verkhovna Rada endorsed the draft law at the first reading with 296 votes on 6 July 2010.

According to the National Commission for Regulating Communications, Ukrtelecom is the owner of most of electric communication cable ductwork.

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