Price for tax invoices registration has risen in Ukraine

Since the 5th of November, 2012, the annual cost of using the local version of the workflow software M.E.Doc by Ukrainian company BEST has increased by 85% from 810 to 1500 UAH. This news is reported by HITech.Expert that mentions an official message of BEST which was mailed to company clients.


In particular, the message signed by the Director O.V.Belousova states: “… BEST ltd. guided by the Article 7 of the Law of Ukraine “About prices and pricing” changes the price for the electronic document management system M.E.Doc unilaterally. The new price goes into operation since November 5, 2012…”.

To promote sales the BEST company has set two types of prices: promotional and ordinary. The discount price for the promotional pack is by 16-20% lower than the ordinary one.

It should be noted that the annual payment of M.E.Doc for private enterpreneurs has increased by 25% from 240 to 300 UAH.

According to experts about 50 thousand companies and thousands of private entrepreneurs use M.E.Doc. One of the program services is the ability to record electronic tax invoices in the single tax invoices register. The current legislation requires from companies that sell imported goods or carry out the sale of goods and services with cost more than 60,000 UAH to register such operations in the single tax invoices register without fail.

The BEST company is a member of the corporation Intellect Service. BEST is the developer of the programs BEST ZVIT PLUS and M.E.Doc aimed to deliver reports to the state regulatory authorities online. Experts has estimated that turnover of BEST rose beyond 5 million USD in 2011.

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