PM Azarov Hopes for Cabinet’s Progressive Cooperation with Microsoft

azarovPrime Minister Mykola Azarov hopes for progressive cooperation between the Cabinet of Ministers and Microsoft Corporation, reads a statement made by the governmental press service.

“Hi-tech projects support to the government is guaranteed… I hope our cooperation to result in Ukraine progressing. I’m firm in this my belief,” Azarov said.

At a meeting with Microsoft International President Jean-Philippe Courtois the Ukrainian prime minister noted the government’s highlight target to reach hundred-percent computer competence of the Ukrainians.

The statement states, during the meeting Azarov and Courtois determined three lines of cooperation: creating basic infrastructure for development of cloud computing; ensuring security of information exchange; and also developing the education system and improving level of citizens’ qualification in the electronic digital field.

“The corporation wants building reliable partnership relations with Ukraine’s government and state bodies to develop these three directions,” Courtois marked.

Azarov says he appointed first deputy finance minister Vadym Kopylov, chairman of the state service for specialised communications and information protection Leonid Netudykhata, and Vice Prime Minister for Humanitarian Affairs Volodymyr Semynozhenko as coordinators of collaboration with Microsoft in these three lines from the Ukrainian side.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Microsoft has intention of investing USD 100,000 in a social project IDEA (Information Dissemination and Equal Access) in Ukraine in 2010.

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