Eutelsat will provide satellite Internet to users across Ukraine

Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris: ETL) will provide satellite Internet to users across Ukraine. Eutelsat announced the signature of a distribution contract for the Tooway™ broadband service between its Skylogic subsidiary and Eurosat-Ukraine. Eurosat-Ukraine is an affiliate of Altegrosky, a leading provider of satellite-delivered telecoms services in Russia and CIS countries. The new contract between Skylogic and Eurosat-Ukraine covers distribution to consumers in the Ukraine of the Tooway™ new generation satellite broadband service, which is delivered via Eutelsat’s KA-SAT satellite.

Pandora should be trading at $2/share, tops

Pandora’s IPO yesterday peaked at $26/share, giving them a brief valuation of $4 billion. The stock quickly deflated to a closing price of $17.50, moving that valuation to $2.8 billion. Even that is a fantastical and bubblicious number that will not stand up to scrutiny. Here is a back-of-the-envelope analysis based on the S-1 that investors should have made before throwing their money in the box:

Police Raid Russia’s Largest Porn BitTorrent Site

In 2010, Russian authorities seized the domain of the country’s biggest BitTorrent tracker,, in copyright related action. Now, just over a year later, police have swooped on its sister site, Pornolab – Russia’s biggest porn tracker – and seized its servers. With the recent demise of two other huge adult trackers, it’s possible that Pornolab was the largest adult torrent site in the world.

DataArt Opens New European Headquarters in Kyiv

DataArt, a US custom software development firm that builds advanced solutions for select industries, announced the opening of a new development center in Kyiv bringing the total number of employees to more than 600 throughout its offices in North America and Eastern Europe. DataArt’s fifth R&D center, and its third in Ukraine, will become the company’s new European Headquarters.