Out There Media and MTS announce mobile advertising partnership in Ukraine

Out There Media, an international specialist in mobile advertising, has announced the signing of a partnership agreement with MTS, a mobile operator in Ukraine with a customer base of 17.74 million mobile subscribers and a 32% market share.

The agreement enables MTS to offer targeted Mobile Advertising, through Mobucks, the multi-channel Mobile Advertising marketplace technology developed by Out There Media. Out There Media is also responsible for monetization, sales, business development and operations support, within the partnership agreement. Out There Media says it now estimates it has access to more than 40 million mobile phones in Ukraine, which corresponds to over 80% of the country’s total mobile subscriber population.

The first joint mobile advertising campaign went live in the beginning of November and was for Ovi by NOKIA, a portal offering online resources and tools to NOKIA users. The campaign objective was to drive WAP users to the Ovi.com website through mobile banners and targeted SMS and WAP push, in order to register and exchange details, back-up their phone data, and download useful content. The sophisticated targeting capabilities of the Mobucks platform enabled the campaign to be displayed to NOKIA users only, ensuring zero wastage for the client. The campaign ran over a period of six weeks on the MTS homepage, as well as on MTS-themed pages like Music, Downloads and Games, and registered a click-through rate that approached 10%.

Ted Lelekas, Vice-President of Communications at Out There Media, commented: “We are very excited to announce our agreement with MTS, a leading mobile operator in Ukraine and a valuable partner, with whom we delivered a fantastic Mobile Advertising campaign as a kick-start of our relationship.  Out There Media now has access to over 80% of the total mobile subscriber base in Ukraine and is therefore on target to deliver on its promise to drive the Mobile Advertising revolution in this exciting market”.

Ivan Griga, Head of Marketing Communications at MTS, commented: “We are very happy to be partnering with Out There Media, thus positioning ourselves in the forefront of a new day in advertising. Our first joint effort for Ovi by NOKIA is a very positive indicator of the bright prospects that face our partnership in the future, and we are looking forward to working with Out There Media in shaping the future of the advertising sector in Ukraine”.

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