Ukraine has 1, 038,242 CDMA subscribers

cdma2The number of CDMA subscribers in Ukraine at the end of October 2009 increased by 2.6% compared with September 2009 and amounted to 1, 038,242, according to a report by IKS-Consulting.

So, in October, the largest CDMA mobile operator in Ukraine has become «Telesystems of Ukraine” (TM PeopleNet). The operator’s subscriber base in October rose 4.18% to 383, 065 people, compared to September 2009.

Intertelecom ranked he second with 3.09% growth of its subscriber base in October up to 10, 224 thousand of new net connections. Thus, the number of the operator’s subscribers had grown to 340, 980 thousand.

Subscriber growth of ITC company (TM CDMA Ukraine) amounted to 0.36%, or 1, 127 thousand of new net connections in October with a total 314,197 subscribers.

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