NXP Launches iPhone Application

NXP Semiconductors introduced the NXP iPhone application, allowing access to NXP products and support easier and faster than ever before.

This free application allows engineers to search, buy and share more than 10,000 products parts from NXP’s High Performance Mixed Signal and Standard Products portfolio anytime, anywhere on their Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

NXP Launches iPhone Application
NXP Launches iPhone Application

Engineers can browse and search the database of NXP products by product functions and part numbers to get product specifications. Product datasheets, application and packaging information are also available at the click of a finger tip.

Customers can order product parts using this application. By placing products directly into a shopping cart, they will be directed to online stores of NXP’s worldwide distribution partners to complete the transaction within minutes.

Engineers are able to share product specifications by emails or social media channels, like Facebook or Twitter.

The “My Favorite” function allows engineers to keep track of product types that they are interested in.

“About NXP” provides the overview of NXP‘s worldwide sales offices, distribution networks (with map) and access to online technical support form.

This free application works with the following devices: iPhone (2G and higher, including iPhone 4), iPad and iPod touch.

NXP iPhone application can be downloaded immediately from Apple‘s App store worldwide at this link.

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