Number of Subscribers of Internet Service Providers 7% up to 3 Million in Q1

The number of subscribers of Internet service providers increased by 7% or 195,571 to 2,992,690 subscribers in the January-March period, compared with the fourth quarter of 2009.

The State Statistics Committee announced this in a statement, a text of which Ukrainian News obtained.

Out of the total number of Internet subscribers in the country, 2,420,502 subscribers or 80.88% were domestic subscribers.

The largest number of Internet subscribers was in Kyiv: 908,751 subscribers or 30.4% of total number.

Kyiv is followed by Odesa region with 382,791 Internet subscribers or 12.8% of the total; then goes Kharkiv region with 249,790 subscribers or 8.3%, and Dnipropetrovsk region with 206,898 subscribers or 6.9% of total number.

According to the refined data of the State Statistics Committee, the number of subscribers of Internet service providers made up 2,797,119 by the end of fourth quarter.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, in 2009, the number of subscribers of the internet service providers rose by 39.1% or 744,378 subscribers to 2,649,453 subscribers as compared with 2008.

In 2009, operators’ revenues from computer-based communications services amounted to UAH 3,362.961 million.

According to the company (the operator of the portal), the number of Internet users in Ukraine decreased by 0.9% or 99,000 to 11.12 million in July 2009.

According to the State Committee for Communications and Information Technologies, there are about 400 Internet service providers in Ukraine.

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