Number of Mobile-Telephone Operators’ Subscribers in Ukraine up by 0.1% to 55.4 Million

mobilnaya-svyazIn January 2010, the number of subscribers of Ukrainian mobile-telephone operators rose by 0.09% or 50,000 to 55.370 million, compared to December.

Ukrainian News has learned this from results of a research conducted by iKS-Consulting, a wording of which was made available for the agency.

The number of subscribers of GSM operators made up 53.796 million (97.16% of the market), subscribers of CDMA operators 1.129 million (2.04% of the market).

In particular, number of Kyivstar’s subscribers made up 22.009 million, MTS’s subscribers 17.524 million, Astelit company (life :) brand) 12.261 million and Ukrainian Radiosystems (Beeline brand) 2.002 million.

In 2009, the number of subscribers of Ukrainian mobile-telephone operators shrank by 0.6% or 360,000 subscribers, as compared with 2008.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, in 2008, the number of subscribers of mobile-telephone operators rose by 0.8% from 55.222 million subscribers to 55.682 million subscribers as compared with the previous year.

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