Number of Mobile Operators’ Subscribers Up to 55.6 Million

abonentsIn July, the number of subscribers of Ukrainian mobile operators rose by 1% or 0.56 million to 55.61 million.

Ukrainian News has learned this from results of a research conducted by iKS-Consulting, a wording of which was made available for the agency.

The number of subscribers of GSM operators made up 53.86 million (96.9% of the market), subscribers of CDMA operators 1.249 million (2.3% of the market), others are subscribers of the UMTS operator Ukrtelecom, the largest telecommunication company.

In particular, number of Kyivstar’s subscribers made up 22.12 million (39.8% of the subscriber base), MTS’s subscribers 17.71 million (31.9%), Astelit company (life :) brand) 11.69 million (21%) and Ukrainian Radiosystems and Golden Telecom (Beeline brand) 2.34 million (4.2%).

In July, Beeline was the leader in growth of the subscriber base, experts from iKS-Consulting connects this growth with the popularity of the Vidpochyvai tariff plan among entrant to Ukraine tourists.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, in June, the number of subscribers of Ukrainian mobile-telephone operators rose by 0.3% or 0.14 million to 55.05 million.

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