Number of Internet Users in Ukraine Up to 3.1 Million

The number of subscribers of Internet service providers rose by 3.3% or 100,100 to 3,092,790 subscribers in the April-June period, compared with the first quarter of 2010.

The State Statistics Committee announced this in a statement, a text of which Ukrainian News obtained.

Out of the total number of Internet subscribers in the country, 2,521,353 subscribers or 81.52% were domestic subscribers.

The largest number of Internet subscribers was in Kyiv: 953,424 subscribers or 30.8% of total number.

Kyiv is followed by Odesa region with 417,376 Internet subscribers or 13.5% of the total; then goes Dnipropetrovsk region with 205,574 subscribers or 6.6%, and Kharkiv region with 201,346 subscribers or 6.5% of total number.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, in January-March, the number of subscribers to the Internet service providers grew by 7% or 195,571 to 2,992,690, as compared with the fourth quarter of 2009.

In 2009, the number of subscribers of the internet service providers rose by 39.1% or 744,378 subscribers to 2,649,453 subscribers as compared with 2008.

In 2009, operators’ revenues from computer-based communications services amounted to UAH 3,362.961 million.

According to the company (the operator of the portal), the number of Internet users in Ukraine decreased by 0.9% or 99,000 to 11.12 million in July 2009.

According to the State Committee for Communications and Information Technologies, there are about 400 Internet service providers in Ukraine.

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