Nitrogon NT07-1156 Support Intel LGA 1156

SilverStone presented CPU cooler Nitrogon NT07- 1156 which is designed for super slim profile systems at only 37mm tall and support Intel LGA 1156 processors.

With an overall height of only 37mm, its compact dimension consist of fast heat-absorbing copper center and radiant styled aluminium fins for excellent thermal conductive capability that rivals many larger coolers.

Nitrogon NT07-1156 Support Intel LGA 1156
Nitrogon NT07-1156 Support Intel LGA 1156

Equipped with a custom designed small hub, 9-bladed 90mm fan, the Nitrogon NT07-775 has unusually high thermal performance for a cooler of its size while being very silent.

Overview of the features:

  • Support Intel LGA 1156 processors
  • Designed for low profile systems with at only 37mm
  • Large, custom 90mm fan for excellent cooling and low noise
  • Application: Intel LGA 1156
  • Perfect solution for ultra thin chassis or special applications requiring the use of LGA 1156 for example
    SilverStone Lascala LC19-R or Milo ML02-R

The recommended enduser price is 22,49 EUR (without VAT).

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