NCRC To Set Fee For Interconnection Services At UAH 0.36 Per Minute From 2011

The National Communications Regulation Commission (NCRC) has decided to set the fee for the services of interconnection between the mobile operators at the level of UAH 0.36 per minute from 2011, the commission said.

The decision was taken at the meeting on November 4.

Besides, the commission decided to endorse the fee for access to local fixed telephony at the level of UAH 0.02 per minute and fee for intercity connection at UAH 0.25 per minute.

The fee for access to mobile networks is now differentiated and makes up UAH 0.35-0.40 per minute.

In accordance with the decision, the rates will take effect on January 1, 2011.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, at the meeting on September 30, the NCRC approved draft document on setting interconnection rates.

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