NCRC initiating issuance of licenses for international communications services for minimum of two regions

The National Communications Regulation Commission (NCRC) is initiating issuance of licenses to provide international communications services for at least two regions.

According to the commission’s Chairman Serhii Kolobov, the commission made amendments to the draft Cabinet of Ministers resolution entitled ‘On Amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 773 of June 16, 2004″ at a meeting on Thursday.

The resolution No. 773 deals with the procedures for charging fees for licenses to provide telecommunications services and the size of the fees.

In addition to providing for issuance of licenses to provide international communications services for at least two regions, the commission’s amendments to the resolution cancel the resolution’s provisions that require payment for the licensing of audiotex (interactive information, entertainment, or gaming services) and changes the conditions for licenses to provide IP-telephony services.

These amendments were initiated in connection with the new version of the license conditions for provision of fixed-line telephone services that was adopted by the commission in December 2009 and registered by the Justice Ministry on January 13.

Under the new licensing conditions, the commission will stop licensing such types of operations as audiotex and cancel separate licenses for IP telephony (licenses to provide IP-telephony services are to be issued on general terms).

At present, licenses to provide international communications services can also be issued for a single region.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the NCRC canceled separate licenses to provide IP-telephony services in December 2009.

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