NCRC And Antimonopoly Committee Decide To Set Up Working Group To Consider Mobile Communications Advertisements

The National Communications Regulation Commission (NCRC) and the Antimonopoly Committee have decided to set up a working group to consider the issue of advertisements of mobile-communications services.

The NCRC’s Chairman Serhii Kolobov announced this at a joint meeting dedicated to the signing of an agreement on cooperation between the NCRC and the Antimonopoly Committee.

According to Kolobov, representatives of the NCRC and the Antimonopoly Committee intend to meet during a meeting of the working group by February 15 to discuss the issue of advertisements of mobile-communications services.
Representatives of mobile communications operators are also expected to be invited to the meeting of the working group.

“We believe that it is necessary to draft a joint position and demonstrate to the market that the approaches to the policy on this issue remains unchanged,” Kolobov said.

The Antimonopoly Committee’s acting chairman Oleksandr Melnychenko also said that he favored cleanliness of advertisements and that he wanted advertisements to correspond to services being advertised. He added that the Antimonopoly Committee would not make momentary decisions on this issue. Instead, he said that the committee would give mobile-communications operators an opportunity to correct their advertisements.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the NCRC sent samples of advertisements of mobile communications services that promised zero tariff rates to the Antimonopoly Committee in late December.

The NCRC said that establishment of zero tariff rates was impossible because the Law on Telecommunications stipulates that a tariff should be based on the cost of services, which cannot be zero.

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