National TV Council Annuls Licences for Broadcast Frequencies

5channelThe National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council annulled the licences for broadcast frequencies issued at the January 27 competition, obeying an award by the Kyiv administrative court of appeals of August 30, Council first deputy chairman Oksana Holovatenko has told a news briefing.

Alongside with this, Council member Larysa Mudrak says the council met these channels halfway and left them the possibility to broadcast in those frequencies they had won at other competitions.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the Kyiv administrative court of appeals on August 30 again canceled the results of the 27 January competition to license broadcast in certain frequencies held by the National Television and Radio Council.

On June 8, the Kyiv District administrative court overturned the results of the January 27 competition.

TBi won 33 frequencies and 5 Channel won 26 broadcast frequencies at the January 27 competition.

On June 9, the National TV Council published the list of violations committed at the January 27 competition for provision of licences for broadcasting in certain frequencies and also in course of registration of its results.

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