National TV Council announces competition for license for digital TV broadcasting in Kyiv

digital_tvThe National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council (NTVRBC) has announced a competition for a license for digital television broadcasting in Kyiv.

The competition is for three multiplexes (packages of television channels) —TVK 41 (with a transmitter capacity of 1.3 kilowatts), TVK 43 (with a transmitter capacity of 0.5 kilowatts), and TVK 64 (with transmitter capacities of 1.5 and 1.5 kilowatts), says.

According to Ihor Kurus, a member of the NTVRBC, the providers for these multiplexes are presently the Era Production company, the Express Inform television company, and the Hamma Consulting company, respectively.

“Previously, we allowed providers to agree temporary conditions for distribution of signals with broadcasters. The experiment is over, and we should bring everyone under the legislation, which requires broadcasting to be performed on the basis of licenses,” Kurus said.

According to the council’s decision, the competition deposit is 5% of the maximum size of the license fee.
Applications to participate in the competition will be accepted from February 1 to March 2, 2010.

Announcement of the results of the competition and issuance of licenses are planned for May 2, 1010.
The council plans to issue the licenses for seven years.

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