National Space Agency Delays Release Of First Ukrainian Communication Satellite For Q2, 2012

The National Space Agency has delayed the launch of the first Ukrainian communication satellite for April-June 2012, director general Yurii Alekseev told the press.

Alekseev emphasized that all contracts and agreements for the production of the satellite have already been signed.

At the same time, he did not announce the reasons for the launch delay.

Besides, the director general said that the National Space Agency sent Sich-2 Land remote sensing satellite to Russia and expressed confidence in its launch in the second half of December 2010.

Alekseev also said that the National Space Agency is working at the Alcantara space launch center under construction in Brazil for launching Cyclone-4 carrier rockets made in Ukraine.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the National Space Agency of Ukraine intends to launch the first Ukrainian communication satellite in September 2011, director general of the agency Oleksandr Zinchenko said at a press conference.

The National Space Agency expected a Ukrainian spacecraft Sich-2 to be launched in April 2010.

The National Space Agency has arranged an agreement on cooperation with the MDA company (Canada) in making a Ukrainian communications satellite to be put into orbit by September 2011.

The production will be backed by Canadian EDC Bank’s loan funds totaling USD 254 million and given for 10 years at a 5.1-percent interest rate.

The Cabinet of Ministers tasked the National Space Agency in May 2007 with launching a Ukraine-made communications and broadcast satellite by July 2011 and providing its operation in the geostationary orbit by national space vehicle testing and control centers before December 2011.

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