MTS Renews ‘MTS Office’ Tariff Line For Corporate Subscribers

The MTS Ukraine mobile communication operator on March 2 renewed the MTS Office line of tariff plans for corporate subscribers.

The renewed line comprises tariffs MTS Office 10, MTS Office 30, MTS Office 50 and MTS Office 90.

In these tariffs the number of in-package minutes of calls to subscribers of MTS and other operators from 150 — 600 minutes to 250 — 1,000 minutes depending on the tariff. Also, in all tariffs but MTS Office 10 prices of calls to other operators’ subscribers have been cut by 10 kopecks a minute to 50 kopecks a minute.

In the MTS Office 10 tariff calls within the MTS network over the package minutes cost 10 kopecks a minute, while in other renewed tariffs these remain at the previous level, 20 kopecks a minute.

Before, the MTS Office line included tariffs MTS Office 20, MTS Office 40 and MTS Office 80.

Numbers in the names of the old and renewed tariffs mean the amount of monthly subscriber fees in hryvnias.

One-time advance payment in the renewed tariffs makes UAH 29, UAH 49, UAH 99 and UAH 199 respectively.

Apart from this, MTS Office 50 and MTS Office 90 offer free-of-charge internet traffic of 200 Mb and 400 Mb a month within the Mobile GPRS Internet service.

The MTS Office line has per-second billing.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, MTS introduced the MTS Office line of tariff plans for corporate subscribers on October 1, 2010.

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