MTS Introduces SMS Express Service and SMS Assistant Package of Services

mts-smsMTS Ukraine introduced a service called SMS Express and a package of services called SMS Assistant on March 9. MTS announced this in a statement.

The SMS Express service allows subscribers to send text messages that are immediately opened on the screen of the recipient’s telephone and not stored in the memory of the telephone.

The cost of an SMS text message under the SMS Express service corresponds to the cost of SMS messages in a subscriber’s tariff plan.

The SMS Assistant package of services consists of the SMS Calendar service (which allows messages to be sent at a particular time and date), the SMS Signature service (allows subscribers to automatically add signatures to messages), the SMS Readdress service (automatic readdressing of messages to other numbers on the MTS network), the SMS Answering Machine service (automatic response to incoming messages), the SMS Copy to Email service (reception of messages via electronic mail), and the SMS Secret service (allows sending of messages that can be read with the help of a pre-installed password).

The SMS Assistant package of services costs UAH 7 for 30 days (each of the service in the package is provided free until May 1; the company will announce the costs of the services after May 1).

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