MTS Introduces “Call Me Back To Roaming”

MTS_LogoOn December 1, the MTS Ukraine mobile communication operator introduced the Call Me Back To Roaming service, the operator said.

The service allows the subscribers in roaming to accept calls at expense of the calling person.

The cost of a call for the calling person would be UAH 14.5 per minute.

The call for a subscriber in roaming will be free.

To use the service, a subscriber in roaming would have to send a request to *105* then an MTS number in national format #.

A subscriber in Ukraine would have to dial number in special format 333050ххххххх, where 333 — is a special code of the service.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, in September, the number of subscribers to the mobile communications services of MTS Ukraine company rose by 0.9% or 0.16 million people to 18.15 million, comparing with August.

The number of subscribers increased by 2.1% or 0.37 million compared to September 2009.

MTS finished 2009 with a net profit of UAH 640.3 million. In 2009, the operator decreased its net revenues by 4.9% or UAH 421.5 million, comparing with 2008, to UAH 8,172.7 million.

Mobile Telesystems (MTS) of Russia owns 100% of the shares in MTS Ukraine.

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