MTS Introduces “Bon Voyage” Roaming Service

MTS_LogoThe MTS Ukraine Company, a mobile communications operator, has introduced from October 25 the roaming service “Bon Voyage” for subscribers to prepaid communications.

Ukrainian News learned this from a statement by the company, the wording of which was made available to the agency.

The cost of incoming and outgoing calls within the roaming service is UAH 5 per minute and the cost of outgoing SMS is UAH 3.

The cost of activation of the service is UAH 10.

The period for the service is seven days from the date of activation.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine has launched investigation into a case on roaming tariff of mobile operators and recommended the operators to bring the rates to economically founded ones.

MTS recorded a net profit of UAH 640.3 million for 2009, when its net revenues reduced by UAH 421.5 million or 4.9% to UAH 8,172.7 million compared with 2008.

Mobile Telesystems (MTS) of Russia owns 100% of the shares in Ukrainian Mobile Communications.

According to the rating “TOP-100. Leaders of Ukrainian Business,” the Ukrainian Mobile Communications Company was in the third place among Ukrainian companies involved in communications and telecommunications in the terms of revenues and profit for 2008 (net revenues of UAH 8.62 billion and net profit of UAH 1.54 billion).

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