MTS Asks NCRC to Introduce Uniform Tariffs for Interconnect Services

The MTS Ukraine mobile communications operator has asked the National Communications Regulation Commission (NCRC) to Introduce uniform tariffs for interconnection among communications operators instead of differential tariffs.

Oleh Prozhyvalskyi, the director of corporate management at MTS, announced this at a roundtable on the pressing issues involving regulation of telecommunications.

“I stress once again that it is necessary today to switch to uniform tariffs. We have not yet solved the problem (of mutual settlement on interconnect)…” he said.

He also called on the NCRC to announce possible changes to interconnect rates several years ahead to enable operators to take the takes into account when planning their own budgets.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the NCRC mandated operators on the market of interconnect to conduct mutual settlements on July 1.

Differential tariffs presently exist. The recommended tariffs of connection to the networks of mobile communications is 35-40 kopecks per minute for fixed line intercity and mobile communications services via mobile-communications networks and 18-25 kopecks per minute for intercity connections via fixed-line communications networks.

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