MTS Appoints Ivaniuta As Financial Director

The MTS Ukraine mobile communications operator appointed Serhii Ivaniuta as its financial director on March 11.

Ivaniuta held the post of financial director at the AES Ukraine company (AES Kyivoblenerho, AES Rivneenerho, AES Enerholine, and AES WH BV) from 2003.

The post of financial director at MTS was previously held by Mark Burden, who was appointed as the vice president for finance at the Volia company on September 27, 2010.

Oleksandr Sarvachov was the acting financial director from September 27 to March 11.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, MTS reported a net profit of UAH 640.3 million for the year 2009, when its net revenues reduced by UAH 421.5 million or 4.9% to UAH 8,172.7 million compared with 2008.

Mobile Telesystems (Russia) owns 100% of the shares in MTS Ukraine.

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