Mobile Communication Operators Favour Being Empowered To Provide Mobile Payments

Mobile communication operators are demanding right to provide mobile payments.

“To actively develop useful and convenient service of mobile payments in Ukraine, the state should introduce amendments into the legislation that regulates provision of telecommunication and financial services,” press service of the Kyivstar telecommunication operator told the Ukrainian News agency.

Kyivstar said that current legislation allows mobile communication subscribers to pay only for telecommunication services using their mobile phones, but payments for services rendered by other organizations refer to financial services and require respective licensing.

Press service of the MTS Ukraine mobile communication operator also said that operators cannot independently hold mobile payments as they do not have legal right to that.

In its turn, press service of the Astelit mobile communication operator (the life:) brand) told the Ukrainian News agency that the company is analyzing situation in that sector and searching opportunity to provide the service in frames of current legislation.

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