Microsoft to Invest USD 100,000 in IDEA Project in Ukraine in 2010

windows-logoThe Microsoft Corporation intends to invest USD 100,000 in the IDEA (Information Dissemination and Equal Access) project in Ukraine in 2010.

Jean-Philippe Courtois, the president of Microsoft International, announced this at a press conference, says.

“We have decided to invest USD 100,000 in IDEA centers in Ukraine,” Courtois said.

According to Ivanna Reed, the Ukrainian director of the PH International non-profit organization (Microsoft’s partner in the IDEA project), the number of IDEA centers is expected to be doubled to 30 before the end of 2010.

Microsoft launched the IDEA project in 2008. Through a network of training centers, the IDEA project intends to raise IT literacy among Ukraine’s population in the country’s regions, to increase the quality of education, as well as the level of social and cultural development, and to improve the quality of life for the people who need social support.

Microsoft Corporation opened its Ukrainian representative office – Microsoft Ukraine – in Kyiv in June 2003.

Founded in 1975, the Microsoft Corporation is the world’s largest software manufacturer. It sells software in 35 languages in 60 countries.

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