Microsoft Office SharePoint: The future starts today

Office SharePoint Designer 2007smKiev office of Microsoft Ukraine held a briefing titled “Workflow and Collaboration by help of Microsoft SharePoint”. Special guest of the event was Mr.Kirk Koenigsbauer, General Manager of Office Business Platform at Microsoft. Journalists and representatives of the Ukraine’s leading hi-tech, Internet and business-media have been invited to the event.The key subject of the discussion was Microsoft Office SharePoint, a server software, which is а part of the Microsoft Office 2007. This soft allows companies to easily manage information, facilitate collaboration, secure information and business processes and also provide access to information that is essential for solving problems of the organization.

Using Microsoft Office SharePoint means to take advantage of both large enterprises and government organizations, and small businesses. This product is a kind of “designer” that helps even a small company to create a professionally looked website and portal like that of a large corporation.

It’s the practical use of this software through the prism of applications that was discussed at the briefing. As a vivid example, the event’s spokesmen tried to analyze the joint work of the Ukrainian company Infopulse with the American Chamber of Commerce (ACC). Only a few days have been required for the Ukrainian partner to do considerable work and adapt the project to the needs of the ACC, and now more than 600 of its members can effectively collaborate, publish documents, maintain task lists, implement workflows, and share information through wikis and blogs.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Office SharePoint is not so popular in this country, as are its much more promoted Microsoft’s office stuff. But its time is coming and its future now is just beginning.

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