Micro-segmented services of life:)

Mobile services operator life:) creates for its subscribers offers developed especially to meet requirements of separate segments of users.

There is a stable trend to services customization and personification of subscribers in the European practice of mobile communication. It’s a pity that in Ukraine the only information on a prepaid subscriber that an operator has is his/her mobile number. However, even on the basis of information on tariffs, services and their volumes that are used by such a subscriber, life:) can determine what is it interesting for him/her, what services are attracted for him/her, and even how many SIM-cards he/she uses.

By consolidating subscribers with similar GSM-needs in a homogeneous micro-segment, life:) obtains opportunity to make more favorable and urgent offer to this very group of subscribers. And as practice shows, properly selected offer for a micro-segment becomes much more efficient than an ordinary one for mass users.

Among those segmented offers, there is one of them for subscribers with different communication level, another one for devotees of communication by means of SMS, for users of mobile Internet, as well as for subscribers with different financial possibilities. Use of these pointwise targeted campaigns gives opportunity to subscribers to life:) to obtain more advantages from mobile communication services without any increase of their expenses.

For example, to recently segmented offers of life:) belongs the promotion ‘Bring a friend’ for subscribers who have a wide circle of communication with those ones of other networks, the promotion ‘Night Life’ for those who communicate at night, the promotion on change bonuses to twice more minutes for subscribers who communicate mainly within the network.

In order to inform users about these proposals, life:) uses channels that are the most close to its subscribers: SMS and calls to the Call-centre.

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