Mail.Ru as the most popular portal in Ukraine

Mail.ruMail.Ru has been recognized by Gemius as the most popular site in Ukraine. During October 2009 the portal was visited by 4,3 million people (real users), who represent more than a half of all Internet audience of the country (58%).

Average time spent on the site per month equalled to 3 hours, 37 minutes and 11 seconds, that is many times higher than that of majority of participants rated by Gemius. Totally residents of Ukraine have spent more than 15.6 million hours at Mail.Ru during the month with 730 million of page views, which is also a record among Ukrainian resources.

Among the Mail.Ru visitors there are males (53%), at the age of 25-54 years-old (36%) who are top managers, skilled professionals and office workers (47%), with an income of 1,501 hryvnia to 8 thousand hryvnia and above (44%).

Mail.Ru opened a representative office in Kiev in December 2008.

It should be mentioned that Mail.Ru is the main communication portal of Runet with its monthly audience exceeding 50 million. It’s also the biggest free e-mail service in Russia and CIS countries.

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