life:) may lose GSM license

lifeMobile operator Astelit (TM life:) may lose its license to provide mobile services. The National Communications Regulation Commission (NCRC) has prepared a draft decision, which stated that the company has installed more than 70 base stations without permission.

“Astelit operates 50 base stations of GSM-900, 23 – GSM-1800 and 3 – microwave transmission, without permission to do so “, – according to the State Inspectorate of Communication.

On this basis, NCRC will cancel the company’s license for mobile communications in the range of GSM-900,
according to the draft decision of the commission.

The reason for this decision is the repeated violations of the licensing conditions by the operator. In
particular, 25-27 January the Radio Frequency State Center checked the Astelit’s base stations and
found that some of them were working without permits for the operation or in violation of the conditions
of these permits.

In addition, the NCRC will not revoke the license, but the situation may be used against the company in
its conflict with the other operators for interconnect rates.

The Turkcell company (Turkey) owns 54.8% of the shares in Astelit while the System Capital Management
corporation (Donetsk) owns 45.2%.

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