life:) launches DTM technology

lifeMobile services operator life:) announces the launch of new technology Dual Transfer Mode for simultaneous speech and data transfer in 16 regions of Ukraine. From now on you can use mobile Internet and talk on mobile phone at the same time.

Thanks to DTM technology life:) subscribers with the supporting phones can make and receive calls without interrupting the mobile Internet session and vice versa. Thus, it is possible, for example, send pictures or use instant messaging program ICQ, still talking on the phone.

Owing to life:) partner the ‘Ericsson’ company, which serves the operator’s network, the Dual Transfer Mode technology is enabled on all base stations in Cherkass’ka, Chernigivs’ka, Khmelnyts’ka, Kyivs’ka, Mykolayivs’ka, Odess’ka, Vinnits’ka and Zhitomyrs’ka regions. Due to another life:) partner the ‘Huawei’ company, DTM will be soon available in another 9 Ukraine regions, including Crimea.

Today life:) network supports three classes of work: A, B and C. The capabilities that the subscriber will be able to get through technology DTM depend on the class of the phone. With class A phone, the subscriber will be able to use voice connection and mobile Internet simultaneously. With class B phone the subscriber can receive and make calls, and the session of data transfer during a call will be set to the standby mode, and after its completion it will automatically continue. Subscribers with terminals of class C will be able to seamlessly receive calls during a session of packet transfer, but the session will be interrupted.

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